December 14, 2022

When Is The Best Time To Play Slots?

When is the best time to play slots? Is there really a certain moment of time that determines the luck of the player? In a previous post, we talked about superstitions in the gaming world and how prone players are to believe that luck is determined by different elements independent of ourselves. Today we will discover what the best time to play slots if there really is an ideal time is.

In reality, there is no right or wrong time. The ideal moment is the one you choose. Some players do believe that there is an ideal time to bet. However, there are other players who believe that it is indifferent and that luck does not depend on the time or the moment since it is random.

Luck knows neither time nor people. Each time the spinner spins again or the player presses the button to spin the reels, the odds of success are the same. In addition, it is essential that the player understands that a person who plays for the first time has the same chances of winning a prize as a player after several years.

However, we can take into account various elements that can determine fortune:


Each game provider determines the Return to Player of the slot machine. It is true that the RTP is usually fixed, it can vary a few tenths but never 10 points. For this reason, a common statement does not make any sense, and it is to believe that on Monday morning, the slot is more loaded because it has been played a lot during the weekend. Not true, RTP is the same on weekdays or holidays.


It happens a bit the same as with the previous point of the RTP. Some players consider that the higher the prize, the better chance of winning the pot. Actually, it is not. The odds are the same. The player is not going to win the jackpot by playing at 5 in the afternoon or at 5 in the morning. What is true is that every so often prizes are awarded, so luck may be on your side.


This point does not initially determine whether or not the player will win the slots. However, it seems essential to comment on it. The most important thing before playing is to have a closed budget and play only if you can afford to lose that money.


It doesn’t matter if you play slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, or bingo; the important thing is the attitude. If you have had a horrible day, do not play, rest, there will be an opportunity to play. Being depressed, having a bad day, excessive drinking makes it impossible for the player to reason and act correctly.